• One of the most environmentally friendly office buildings in the UK
  • Rainwater harvesting and net zero carbon in operation
  • Over 350,000 plants on Europe’s biggest green wall
  • Kind to the environment – bird boxes and bug hotels

Eden is a new 12-storey, 115,000 sq ft office development at New Bailey, for businesses who are serious about protecting the planet.

Eden Leaf
Eden Leaf
Eden Image

Choosing the best surroundings for your business is a big decision

Eden speaks volumes about you, your ambition and your values.

Carry on with one foot in the past or are you agile and progressive?

English Cities Fund has had the imagination and foresight to build a radically different new setting for enlightened businesses. Geared to tomorrow’s needs, not yesterday’s assumptions.

Eden is the perfect opportunity for you to define your place in the world as sustainable, efficient, optimistic and bold.

It doesn’t scrape the sky – Eden lays a path to a greener cityscape.

Eden Leaf
Eden Leaf

Groundbreaking design and super efficient

  • Europe’s biggest green wall Façade designed and built in accordance with Passivhaus principles
  • Fantastic amenities and rooftop terrace 
  • Extensive cycle and shower facilities
  • Low embodied and whole life carbon
  • Enhanced ventilation rates (2 litres per second/m2) in excess of latest BCO standards, designed to provide more fresh air
  • Demand controlled ventilation with CO2 monitoring
  • All-electric, fossil fuel-free servicing strategy
  • Photovoltaic panels generating on-site electricity
  • Rainwater harvesting serving the green wall
  • Centralised AHUs with inverter driven fans, heat recovery and enhanced grade filtration
  • Low water use fittings with leak detection
  • High efficiency air source heat pumps generating space heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Low energy LED lighting and controls
  • Energy efficient lifts with re-generative drive and variable speed technology
  • WiredScore Platinum and BREEAM Outstanding
Eden Leaf
Eden Image
Eden Leaf
Eden Leaf

Designed to be net zero
carbon in operation

Eden Image

Designed to meet the UK Green Building Council net-zero carbon in operation targets, using the Design for Performance standard, it aims to promote wellbeing through an environmentally-conscious development.

Eden Leaf

For letting enquiries:

Chris Mulcahy
Director - Office Agency

Richard Lace
Transactions & Asset Management

For press enquiries:

Claire Merryweather
Press contact

Richard Evans
Press contact

Eden Leaf

Q4 2023

Offices For

  • Now
  • The Future
  • The Planet

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