Emma’s £36 million birthday landmark

Emma Payne celebrated a landmark birthday this week – but the landmark was not her age: it’s what she was given.

Emma, a construction Project Manager with the English Cities Fund, was handed overall responsibility on her 38th birthday for a UK first: “Eden”, a now-underway £36 million, 12-storey office development in Salford built to 2035-2050 green construction standards, and believed to be the most sustainably-advanced in the UK. At opening in 2023 it will be wrapped in Europe’s biggest living wall.

It is targeted to be the most advanced energy-efficient building of its type in the UK on the NABERS UK Design for Performance register.

Emma has become responsible for every aspect of the construction and completion of Eden, our latest office development being constructed to the UK Green Building Council’s (UKGBC) 2035-2050 Design for Performance standard, and will be Emma’s first “net zero in operation” commercial development project to boot.