Eden targets UK’s highest sustainability rating

Eden has registered to one of the world’s leading environmental performance rating tools – NABERS UK’s Design for Performance scheme – and is targeting a 5.5 Star NABERS Rating for when the building is operational.

“Eden”, a £36 million, 12-storey office building, due for completion in 2023, is targeting a NABERS rating of 5.5 stars from a possible maximum of six in scoring energy efficiency in the completed building based on information provided by developer English Cities Fund (ECF) at design stage.

NABERS, the “National Australian Built Environment Rating System”, has been adopted around the world to measure and rate the actual energy use of offices, helping building owners to accurately track and communicate the energy performance of their buildings. It also helps identify areas for savings and improvements.

In the UK, NABERS UK is administered by BRE, a world leading building research institute dedicated to improving the built environment through world leading science and innovative sustainability assessment schemes. NABERS is fast becoming the benchmark recognised by building funders when considering investment decisions, and experts commentating on such projects.

“There are currently no other buildings in the UK, whether granted planning consent or under development, that has a NABERS 5.5 rating,” said Leon Guyett, development director at ECF, which is behind the project.

“And Eden currently has the highest possible BREEAM sustainability rating – ‘outstanding’ too.

“However, we see NABERS as becoming ever-more significant. Potential future commercial and office building occupiers have historically considered size and location as key deciders, but more and more are now asking developers questions about efficiency and sustainability: NABERS is becoming the benchmark. And it’s not a new kid on the block – NABERS has been around since 1999 in Australia, and adopted around the world as a mature and representative rating system.”